ANSES headquarters - Maisons-Alfort, France


The ANSES headquarters were delivered ten years ago, in 2014, in Maisons-Alfort near Paris. This public scientific agency serves the general interest since its creation in 2010. Located in a huge and green park embodying two centuries of scientific history, the ANSES headquarters highlights the Ecole Vétérinaire campus refurbishment.

Photographer: Arnaud Schelstraete.

Delivery by BGx
Dior 21 Vernet - Paris, France


Barthélémy Griño’s subsidiary dedicated to execution works, BGx, has just delivered a tertiary programme located near the Champs-Elysées avenue in Paris for Christian Dior Couture. The building has been refurbished in collaboration with the Designer Marco Costanzi. Its spacious and welcoming entrance is bathed in zenithal light and gives access to 7 levels of offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, cafeteria and a green courtyard.

Photograph: Barthélémy Griño.

Annual party - Paris, France


The yet traditional annual party took place by the end of January. This event allowed the whole team to gather and celebrate the new year, remembering the 2023 best happenings. Such a great and joyful moment!

Photographer : Bernard Taboureau.

Dior façade concept - Las Vegas, Etats-Unis


Dior has just inaugurated the new façade of its boutique located within the Bellagio, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the tenth adaptation of the exclusive design by Sylvia Griño for Christian Dior Couture. The marble reveals its tones all along backlit variable sections, creating a strong signal at the brand universe entrance, in reference to its iconic pleated dresses.

Photograph : Christian Dior Couture.

Happy New Year!


Construction works
Dior 15 Vernet - Paris, France


Barthélémy Griño is refurbishing the real estate located 15 rue Vernet in the 8th Parisian district for Christian Dior Couture. The 6 buildings, with façades dating back to the end of the 19th century, will host offices, workshops, showrooms, a cafeteria, and coworking places. This project also covers the courtyard and terraces with vegetation.

Client : Christian Dior Couture

Technical client representative: ESA Engineering

Architect : Barthélémy Griño

Structure consultant: IN4

Services consultant: OCI

Environmental consultant: Eléments Ingénieries

Construction company : Petit

Picture: Barthélémy Griño (project aerial view).

Dior 30 Montaigne - Paris, France


Our project Dior 30 Montaigne is laureate of the World Prix Versailles in the Shops & Stores category. This prize is awarded in partnership with UNESCO and the International Union of Architects. It highlights architectural and design creations focusing on sustainability, innovation and local heritage. The 30 Montaigne refurbishment consisted in preserving the artist’s memory, revealing the virtuosity of the creators continuing his work nowadays, and celebrating the internationally renowned Dior brand. The diversity of the programme echoes Christian Dior’s savoir-faire, made of inventiveness, culture and art of living.

Photographer: Arnaud Schelstraete.

Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland, United Kingdom


L’Arca International, the international magazine dedicated to architecture, design and visual communication, highlights the Glenmorangie Distillery in its last edition. Barthélémy Griño has conceived the Lighthouse as an environmentally responsible equipment, embodying the innovative spirit of this almost two-hundred-year-old brand: Oak coming from casks became wooden panels added to the glazed façade, biogas emanating from the distillation process feeds the building, and production areas have been organised with natural ventilation.

Photographer: Mel Yates.

Construction works
Banque de France Radziwill - Paris, France


The refurbishment of six Banque de France buildings located between Radziwill and Valois streets, in the first Parisian district, continues. Under the protection of the huge scaffolding, all the two-century solid wood pieces are being replaced and the framework gathered again. Some 2800 m² of wooden floorings, made of Dalfeu cross-laminated timber, are visible and create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Photograph: Barthélémy Griño.

We are French Touch 2023 x Manufacture Berluti - Ferrara, Italia


The third We are French Touch edition took place on the 21st of November in Paris, Maison de la Mutualité. The event celebrates each year the French cultural and creative industry development in our country and abroad, connecting its many actors through various initiatives. Barthélémy Griño thanks Nicolas Dufourcq, General Director of the Banque publique d’investissement, for having quoted during its speech (2’50) the Berluti manufacture completed in Ferrara, Italia, in 2016, as an example of French industrial architecture in the world.

Film: We are French Touch (speech Plein Cadre, Nicolas Dufourcq introduction).

Fresh Start
Louis Vuitton - 103 Champs Elysées - Paris, France


Louis Vuitton Malletier has chosen Barthélémy Griño and its partners Setec Bâtiment and T/E/S/S atelier d’ingénierie for the complete mission of refurbishment concerning the real restate located 103 avenue des Champs Elysées. The program runs over more than 20 000 m² and gathers a global store, exhibition galleries, hotel suites, a restaurant and a spa. This project aims to enhance a remarkable heritage property – which hosted the famous Elysée Palace – developing an ambitious environmental strategy in order to make the 103 Champs Elysées become an essential Parisian place again.

Photograph: Barthélémy Griño (existing façade).

Construction works
Lightwell - Puteaux, France


Lightwell new façades will be completed soon. They are composed by prefabricated units measuring 2,9 x 2,9 meters, and installed by a crane. This effective technique has been chosen by our agency in order to optimize the construction duration, and to reduce noise pollution or waste production. The refurbished building will offer 10 floors of offices and a lot of services, like a business center equipped by a modular auditorium, a sports and well-being center, and green terraces. Barthélémy Griño has conceived Lightwell as a cosy and inspiring lively place.

Photograph: Petit.

Stade des Bords de Seine – Nanterre, France


These Stadiums and bow-and-arrow range were completed 20 years ago in Nanterre, France. The same year, in 2003, the project was nominated at the Equerre d’Argent, and laureate of Prix de la Construction Bois.

It was renamed Stade Vincent Pascucci in 2017, in tribute to this member of the Resistance who directed the local Entente Sportive during thirty years.

Photographer: Hélène Binet.

Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland, United Kingdom


The French National editor Les Editions du Patrimoine publishes this month “ARCHI FRANCE Architectes français à l’export French Architects overseas Grand Prix AFEX 2018-2023”. This bilingual book written by Frédéric Lenne for the non-profit association AFEX (French Architects for Export) highlights around fifty awarded-projects since 2018. The work is introduced by two prefaces, a first one by the Minister for Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, and a second one by the AFEX President, Réda Amalou. This publication promotes French Architecture variety and creativity all around the world. Our Glenmorangie Distillery extension, which has been distinguised this year, is part of the book.

Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland, United Kingdom


The famous Palais Royal celebrates French Architecture with the Grand Prix AFEX 2023 exhibition. Our extension of The Glenmorangie Distillery in Scotland is one of the laureates.
The ten awarded projects are exhibited until the 10th of December on huge panels, between the columns, near the Daniel Buren contemporary installation.
Then, this exhibition will be presented in French embassies all over the world.


Annual convention - Paris, France


Our annual internal convention took place on the 21st of September.
Barthélémy Griño’s team was glad to welcome the recently-arrived collaborators and to talk about the ongoing projects.
This event was organized within one of our construction sites, located in the 8th parisian district.

Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland, United Kingdom


The extension of the Glenmorangie Distillery will be part of the Grand Prix AFEX 2023 exhibition at the parisian Palais Royal, from the 13th of October to the 10th of December 2023. The AFEX Association will publish “Archi France. Architecture française dans le monde / French architects overseas. Grand Prix AFEX 2018-2023”, signed by Frédéric Lenne, by Les Editions du Patrimoine. During the attached interview, Philippe Barthélémy and Ludovic Masson tell the Glenmorangie Distillery story, distinguished this year.

Video editing: Dépli design studio

Lightwell - Puteaux, France


By Béton interviews Philippe Barthélémy about Lightwell, a project representing the contemporary challenges of architecture in the tertiary sector. This refurbishment aims ambitious environmental certifications, such as “HQE exceptionnel”, “BREEAM excellent” and “BBC Effinergie Rénovation RT -40%”. Moreover, all the demolished concrete will be reused.

Picture: L’Autre Image.

Jardin d’hiver Dior 30 Montaigne - Paris, France


The jardin d’hiver conceived by Barthélémy Griño Architects and T/E/S/S Atelier d’ingénierie, Structural engineering consultant, in the frame of the Dior 30 Montaigne refurbishment, has been shortlisted in the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering Project and Technology Awards 2023 (IABSE). The 11 rue François Ier access has been transformed by the creation of this contemporary extension with remarkable characteristics. It is composed by 24 glazed panels, the biggest ones measuring 2m45 x 8m70 and made in France for the very first time. The structure, consisting of 7,50 meters-long clear laminated glass beams, is a main innovation, previously unseen. The jardin d’hiver conception and production are a technical achievement. The whole glazed volume sits on a titanium finished base.

Photographer: Arnaud Schelstraete.

Banque de France Radziwill - Paris, France


Le Moniteur focuses on the Radziwill construction works, located in the first Parisian district, near the Palais Royal. The seven buildings floorings demolition aims to create a unique, functional and maximised parcel of real estate. This main refurbishment of a Banque de France property is founded on the restoration of the 18th century architectural heritage elements, such as façades, roofs and staircases.

Architect : Barthélémy Griño
Historical Monuments Architect : Perrot & Richard
Quantity surveyor : Cabinet Votruba
Structural engineer : DVVD
MEP engineer : Cabinet MTC
Acoustic consultant : Studio D A P

Dior façade concept - Chengdu, China


The Dior store located within the new SKP Chengdu has just been inaugurated. The undulating façade imagined by Sylvia Griño perfectly echoes the organic architecture of this precursory mall. The marble boards layout alludes to the brand iconic pleated dress.

Photograph: Dior façade, SKP, Chengdu, China, Christian Dior Couture.

Construction works
Lightwell - Puteaux, France


The Lightwell construction continues in the business district of La Défense: Façades are now being installed. The future lacquered aluminium cladding will embody the former Galilée building transformation. Lightwell has been conceived as an exemplary place, offering a new work experience focused on flexibility, comfort and social cohesion. A main strategy of circular economy has been imagined to recycle 100% of the demolished concrete.

Photographer: Arthur Weidmann.

Dior façade concept – Zhengzhou, China


The Dior shop located within the David Plaza mall, in Zhengzhou, China, has just inaugurated its new façade in May. Barthélémy Griño has adapted the concept imagined by Sylvia Griño for Dubai. The marble boards are organized to produce a waving cladding, particularly fitting with the curved façade. This exclusive concept is inspired by the iconic pleated dress designed by Christian Dior, and celebrates the brand identity.

Photograph: Dior façade, David Plaza, Zhengzhou, China, Christian Dior Couture.

Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland, United Kingdom


The Grand Prix AFEX jury members announced yesterday the 2023 edition’s ten finalists at MIPIM. Our Glenmorangie Distillery extension, located in the Highlands, on the edge of the Dornoch Firth and delivered in September 2021, has been distinguished. This emblematic industrial site benefits from two new buildings embodying the Glenmorangie brand identity, between tradition and modernity. We have developed our project in an ethical environmental approach using local materials such as old oak casks, stones and slates. The biogas created by the distillation process constitutes a new source of energy for the site.

Photographer: Mel Yates.

Happy New Year!


Delivery by BGx
Céline Saint Honoré - Paris, France


Our subsidiary BGx delivers during this early December the Céline new Parisian address, located 384 rue Saint Honoré in the first district. The luxury boutique displays the women prêt-à-porter collection within a sparkling universe made of black marble, brass and steel. The decoration has been imagined by Hedi Slimane in the frame of Celine Art Project.

Photography: Céline.

Radar tower – Saclay, France


Archibooks editions published a book about Paris-Saclay hub, highlighting its history and exploring its architectural richness. The Radar tower, delivered by Barthélémy Griño in 2016 for the Etablissement Public Paris Saclay, is one of the many projects presented. This 65 m high guidance radar dedicated to Orly airport looks like a contemporaneous monumental column. The tower is composed of concrete posts with important variations in width on their back face. The Radar tower catches and reflects light all day long like a kaleidoscope.

Picture: Archibooks.

Hôtel Dieu - Paris, France


Barthélémy Griño, associated to Valero Gadan Architects, has just been shortlisted by the APHP for the Hôtel Dieu refurbishment and extension competition.The hospital is located in the historical center of Paris, in front of Notre Dame, and constitutes a main architectural heritage. The two offices are both conceiving an innovative project, embracing a new vision of the iconic Île de la Cité.

Alliance Française - Paris, France


Alliance Française is an association devoted to promote the French language and culture all around the world. The institution will celebrate its 140th anniversary in 2023. In this context, Alliance Française has decided to refurbish its historical site boulevard Raspail. This Parisian office welcomes 10 000 students of more than 120 different nationalities each year. Barthélémy Griño, in association with Vinci Construction, has been shortlisted to imagine an ambitious renovation project.

Dior façade concept - Singapore


Our exclusive design concept has just been adapted to the Dior store located in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Inspired by kinetic art, Sylvia Griño imagined this unique marble façade in 2017 for the Dubai Mall shop in United Arab Emirates. Since then, Christian Dior Couture commissioned its adaptation in Bangkok (Thailand), Macau, Shanghai (China) and Hong Kong.

Photograph: Dior façade, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Christian Dior Couture.

Construction start
Lightwell – Puteaux, France


Our office launches this week the Lightwell construction works for Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. This building of 38 000 m², built in 1986 by the Architect Gino Valle, has a unique location at the heart of La Défense. This project will offer a contemporaneous image and new uses to the refurbished building. Barthélémy Griño has conceived and developed a strategy based on circular economy in order to maximise the reuse of existing materials.

Architect : Barthélémy Griño

Technical Consultant : Inex

Structural Consultant : Setec TPI

Environmental Consultant : Oasiis

Quantity Surveyor : BMF

Construction Director : SCO

SPC coordinator : Gemo

Photograph: Petit.

Master plan
Europe Campus INSEAD - Fontainebleau, France


Our office achieved this week the master plan for the INSEAD Europe Campus. The site is located at the heart of the remarkable Fontainebleau forest, and enters into an unprecedented redeployment process. This master plan has been conceived during months in collaboration with Agence Ter, specialized in urban planning and landscaping. The study defines the main transformations to undertake for the international campus refurbishment.

Photograph: INSEAD.

Dior 30 Montaigne - Paris, France


Our office delivers this month the 30 Montaigne for Christian Dior Couture. This huge construction site is coming to an end after 3 years of work. Barthélémy Griño Architects has conceived a project celebrating the firm, which has strong foundations through its glorious history, and is truly contemporary at the same time. This refurbishment transforms the prestigious address where Christian Dior imagined and created all his models in the middle of the 20th century, at the heart of the Triangle d’or. The mixed programme runs over 10 000 m², and echoes the richness of Christian Dior savoir-faire: haute couture and high jewellery workshops, a global store, an exhibition gallery, restaurants, a VIP suite, offices and an outstanding winter garden. Our agency has completed main architectural and structural interventions to make this unique place born again.

Architect : Barthélémy Griño
Interior Architect (haute couture and high jewellery workshops, offices, commons) : Sylvia Griño
Designer : Peter Marino Architect
Scenography : Nathalie Crinière
Landscape Architect: Peter Wirtz
Film: Christian Dior Couture.

The Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland


The French Whisky Magazine interviews this month Philippe Barthélémy and Ludovic Masson about the genesis of the Glenmorangie’s Lighthouse project.
The quarterly review focuses on the new laboratory of Bill Lunsden -the Glenmorangie’s Master Distiller since 25 years- and its team,
who give free rein to their creativity through daring testing.

Photographer: Mel Yates.

Construction start
Banque de France - Radziwill Site - Paris, France


The Radziwill site refurbishment works begin this month. These seven buildings owned by La Banque de France are located in the first Parisian district, between the Radziwill and Valois streets, near the Palais Royal. They will host a mixt program, combining office and social activities. Barthélémy Griño is associated with Perrot & Richard Architects to achieve this complex renovation, aiming a significant enhancement of users comfort and energy efficiency.

Picture: Barthélémy Griño, ADAGP, Paris.

Happy New Year!


The Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland


The English magazine Elle Decoration announces the delivery of the two new buildings designed by our office inside the Glenmorangie distillery, in its December 2021/January 2022 issue. The Lighthouse reaffirms the creative and technological reputation of this quite two-hundred-year-old firm.
Photographer: Mel Yates.

The Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland


Wallpaper highlights the Glenmorangie Distillery extension, in the frame of the brand’s ambitious development strategy.
The Lighthouse creates a link between the historical distillery and the amazing Highlands’ landscapes.
Made both of glass and timber, the Lighthouse enhances ancestral techniques in a high-technology laboratory, becoming the symbol of a Scottish whisky brand looking to the future.
Photographer: Mel Yates.

The Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland


The Architect’s Journal focuses on the Lighthouse, reinventing the Glenmorangie Distillery.
The volume, characterized by its simplicity and glass facades, overlooks the whole site with its 20-meters-highed figure, creating the perfect frame for the two monumental copper stills.
As a reference to the beacons guiding ships through the Dornoch First, the Lighthouse reflects the most contemporary aspect of distillation.
Photographer: Mel Yates.

The Glenmorangie Distillery - Tain, Scotland


The Financial Times celebrates the Glenmorangie Distillery renewal, in Tain, in the Highlands, embodied by the new Lighthouse.
We have conceived this iconic building as an inspiring laboratory for innovation establishing a dialogue between tradition and creativity.
The Lighthouse stands at the heart of the two-hundred-year-old distillery, creating a link between the outstanding environment of the Dornoch Firth and these lands’ unique savoir-faire.
Photographer: Benjamin McMahon.

Happy New Year!


Philippe Barthélémy - National Superior Schools of Architecture's Professor


Philippe Barthélémy has been nominated National Superior Schools of Architecture’s Professor. Philippe Barthélémy teaches project at the Ecole d’Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires of Marne-la-Vallée, in the frame of the Master’s degree “Matière à Penser”. His lecture “The Envelop Tectonic” highlights the relation between materiality and building poetics, to the attention of both the EAVT Architecture students and the Ponts et Chaussées Engineers students.

Delivery by BGx
Moncler Champs Elysées Global Store - Paris, France


BGx, our subsidiary focused on the execution works, delivers by the end of the year the 119 avenue des Champs Élysées prestigious address, refurbished for the Moncler brand. The international company opens a new global store, offering a remarkable experience to its clients.

Invitation to tender
7 buildings Banque de France rue Radziwill - Paris, France


Our practice has launched the invitation to tender concerning the refurbishment of 7 buildings, owned by La Banque de France, located rue Radziwill. The tenderers are allowed to send their offers until the 21st of January 2021.
Photograph: Banque de France.

Social buildings - Plaisir, France


Completed for 3F Résidences, the two social buildings major refurbishment of 174 apartments has just been delivered. These buildings, located in Plaisir, are dedicated to migrant workers.
Picture: Barthélémy Griño, ADAGP, Paris.

Construction by BGx
118 avenue des Champs Élysées - Paris, France


The 118 avenue des Champs Élysées refurbishment continues. The delivery is planned for the last quarter of 2021. The operation aims to increase the value of this 4 000 m² and 7 floored real estate. The building will develop various functions. This project is realised for DWS by our subsidiary BGx, focused on the execution works.
Picture: Barthélémy Griño, ADAGP, Paris.

Manifattura Berluti – Ferrara, Italia


The international publisher of architecture and design The Images Publishing Group has just published Brick Stone Metal Wood, Building on Tradition. This book highlights some new uses of the traditional materials through a curated selection of contemporaneous buildings, such as the Manifattura Berluti of Ferrara, characterized by natural red cedar and beech. The excerpt is available in our publications.
Photographer: Arnaud Schelstraete.

Dior façades concept - Dubaï, Macau, Shanghai and Bangkok


Our practice has imagined an original façade concept for Christian Dior Couture. Inspired by kinetic art, the façade is conceived as an installation. The marble boards sequences wave, create a vertical graphic effect and some colors variations. Its reminiscence performs the moving façade’s perception process. After Dubaï, the concept has been adapted in Macau, Shanghai and Bangkok.
Photograph: Dior façade, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Christian Dior Couture.

Project by BGx
Chaumet Vendôme - Paris, France


After a year of works, Parisian jeweller Chaumet celebrated the reopening of its historic address on the prestigious Place Vendôme. The hôtel particulier houses a boutique, salons and a high jewellery workshop.

The renovation has been carried out by our execution subsidiary BGx.

2020 - 30 years!


The office is 30 years!

Construction work start
Dior Montaigne - Paris, France


The parisian municipal services have approved the building permit concerning the Dior’s parcel of real estate refurbishment located avenue Montaigne.

Shortlisted team
Quartier des Héronnières - Fontainebleau, France


Barthélémy Griño has been shortlisted with Vinci Immobilier and Adim PIDF (Clients), Architracks (Associated Architect), Niez Studio (Landscape Architect), Agence Perrot Richard (Historical Monuments Architect Clients’ Assistant), Degaine (Historical Monuments) and Verdoia – VINCI Construction France (Enterprises), Châteauform’, Ovelia et CDC Habitat (Operators and investors) by the Etablissement Public du Château de Fontainebleau in order to participate to the invitation to tender concerning the Quartier des Héronnières and its surroundings conversion.

International French School - Moscow, Russia


The building permit for the renovation and the extension of the International French School was granted by the City services. Serguei Kouznetsov, chief architect of Moscow, paid tribute to the project during a special press conference.

My Bauhaus - Edition Detail


The collective work My Bauhaus / Mein Bauhaus, 100 Architects on the 100th Anniversary of a Myth was published by Edition Detail with special contributions of Sylvia Griño and Philippe Barthélémy.