The deeply controlled expression of our architecture embodies our prospective and creative approach: we avoid surplus and we privilege rationality in structure. Beyond the obvious preservation of the genius loci and the care of blueprints’ efficiency or the respect of spatial variety, we conceive the building form according to a meaningful research on its materiality and its envelope.

Residential development2023
Banque de France – Radziwill Site2022
Banque de France – Raspail Site2022
Christian Dior – 30 Montaigne2022
No projects.

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Urban Design

The urban dimension and the inscription in the landscape are today prominent and nourish each project. Its complexity emerges from the existing context concerned by the immediate historical environment as much as by the applicable regulations and the financial commitment. It requires a long-term comprehensive strategy. We stand for a sustainable development and it behove us to share this matter in a fruitful way with all our partners.

Rongdong West Side Ecological Space2018
Rural City Concept2013
IGH – Bercy Site2009
Trapèze neighborhood2006
No projects.

Interior Design

Since the spatial layout and the definition of architectural volumes became the core quality of our work, the interior design naturally extends this priority. Our global approach entitles us to anticipate and therefore to adjust the design project to different uses. Material and furnishing choices respond to a precise research in line with the costumer’s identity.

University housing2017
Manifattura Berluti2016
SO OUEST Tower2016
Franco-German embassy2015
No projects.

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The scope of a good construction conveys all our principles. Thus, it remains essential to keep the mastery in order to control the project coherence as much as its expression and its function. On these grounds, the agency enhanced its position through an independent structure “BGx” which ensures site-follow up, pilotage and synthesis for some constructions concerning the office and certain exceptional projects. Our team is well engaged in the use of new technologies and in particular BIM.

Céline Saint Honoré2019
Chaumet Vendôme2019
Hotel Hilton2019
Moncler Champs Elysées2019
No projects.

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